The Sixteen Harbingers of Doom: The Astral Wars

From Anondias's Writing and Scriptures The Sixteen Harbingers of Doom: A Narrative on the Astral Wars

Part 1

From Anondias’s Writing and Scriptures
The Sixteen Harbingers of Doom: A Narrative on the Astral Wars

Part 1

They say, even though it has now been many years, that you can still see the smoke rise from the mighty city of Copopan, what was once a bastion of culture and civilization. It offered protection from the wilderness as well as a place to witness some of the leading intellectuals of the Western World. A city of love and celebration, it had been centuries since it has last tasted war, out of living memory. With every generation of royalty comes new problems, however, and less than a century after King Stallard preceded his father on the throne had doom come to this city in the form of the North Men. Very few survived, most survivors being taken prisoner. There were seven who found each other in this city, seven heroes who may stand a chance actually leaving this place. As they ventured through the city they found each other, thus irrevocably tying their destinies together, though not in the fashion that they might expect.

While examining the lost castle they found the old Castellan. He begged of the one named “Kaine,” loved of Avandrah and coveted of Lolth, to save the Kingdom’s princess, who’s name has since been lost of history books, and offered him a key to the treasury as a preemptive reward since the Castellan did not think that he would live to give it to him once he succeeded. The Castellan also told Kaine where this treasury was, a secret Kaine kept to himself in order to force the others, whom at the time he did not know and, probably rightfully, did not trust.

With some reluctance at not going immediately for the prize, the heroes saved the princess rescuing her from the grasp of the North Men. Their trials were not over, however, as shortly after they found a Drow baby, with the markings of Lolth on it. It was at this point that the party met the young version of the Mythical Knight Sir Vance, now more commonly known as the Man of Many Colors in the many other scriptures, parables and history books. This is the first record that exists of Sir Vance, taken from many notes, as well as annotations, by the party. Sir Vance took them to Lord Stannis, who was the man that Sir Vance followed at the time, who had made a deal with Lolth, this baby a part of the Ritual that they would cast.

All reports on this incident have been very poor, most of things said do not actually match up to each other. What we do believe to have happened was that many people were sacrificed, who then turned into spiders. There were also many other strange acts, some records show that there was slaughter of people who were trying to interfere, the murder of many monks and clerics in the city as well as various, explicit acts done in the name of Lolth.

Our heroes were captured, and even made a failed escape attempt. They were instead freed by Sir Vance, who advised them to find what was left of the Copopan treasury. The records are also very poor as to what happened in the treasury, but the only thing of note was the recovering of four magical items, though it is not within the intent of this history to record such trifles. These are not the Legendary Weapons that are still sought after to this day.



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